Quick Guide on Moroccan Interior Design

The foundation of what Moroccan interior design is all about is the colors, textures, patterns, and other intricacies.

Moroccan Colors

The Moroccan design is usually defined by bold and vibrant colors. Some of the colors that are widely used in Moroccan designs are blue, purple, yellow, gold, orange, and red. You can choose to use these bold colors as the color of your wall or in fabrics and other accessories.


There are a lot of ways to add texture to your design. Whether you prefer it to be soft or rough, adding texture can change the overall feel of your home.

To add texture to your interior design, you can add area rugs and tapestries as these are a staple to Moroccan homes. Another way is to aim for a rough stucco finish for your walls.


Patterns are a big thing when it comes to Moroccan designs. You can see patterns in rugs, fabrics, and even tiles.

For rugs, these may be made of silk, wool, or other fabrics, but one thing is for sure, Moroccan rugs are colorful, have patterns, and are built to last.

For fabrics, these are usually used as room divisions or drapes for curtains and canopies.

For tiles, these have patterns and are colorful. It may be used as walling or flooring. Either way, they add to the overall Moroccan feel of the space.

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