The Basics of a Moroccan Bedroom Design You Need to Know

If you want to convert your bedroom to have that Moroccan feel to it, then you will be glad to know that it is possible with the help of paint, textile, and some accessories.


When choosing which color to use, it is best to consider that a bedroom is a place of rest. Rightly so, you don’t want your walls to be red as this will keep you more awake and restless. However, if red doesn’t intervene with your resting and sleeping habits, then go ahead. You can even choose a Moroccan red color or any other vibrant or bold colors such as green, blue, purple, gold, yellow, or orange.

Although Moroccan colors are exemplified by bold and vibrant colors, earth and sand tones are also used to tone down the colors of a room.

Depending on your preference and the rest of the furniture and accessories in the room, the color may be any of those mentioned earlier.


Moroccan beddings are usually made of silk or satin materials. These may be costly, and so you can opt to go for beddings that are made with a polyester blend that has a shiny finish. It can give you the same look and vibe.

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