Ideas for When You’re Designing with the Use of Ethnic Accents

Ethnic accents have become more popular over the years as decor. If you’re looking for ways on how to use ethnic accents or what type of ethnic accent to add to your space, then read on.

Moroccan Style

When we’re talking about Moroccan style, it is necessary to incorporate bold and vivid colors, detailed patterns on tiles and textiles, and furniture and accessories made of ceramic, metal, wood, or glass.

Asian Style

If you want to imbibe the Asian style, there are lots of accents you can add. From Chinese to Japanese or even Indian accents, there are countless ways you can play with this style.

If you prefer to use Chinese accents, you can use silk fabric, porcelain, gemstones, pearls, and other fancy accessories to bring out a luxurious vibe to the room.

If you want that Japanese vibe, then go for a minimalistic style and choose clean, simple, and organic materials.

If you want to use Indian accents, then use textiles or fabrics with lots of patterns and colors.

There are several other ethnic accents you can use in a design, but we focused on these styles because these are the more popular ones and most requested styles we’ve received.

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