Edgewater Studio’s Moroccan Style Glass Tiles Are the Tiles of Your Moroccan Dreams

Edgewater Studio became widely popular in 2009 when they came out with their back painted glass tiles. Since then, they kept developing new designs and styles, and now, one of the things that caught our attention was their Moroccan style glass tiles.

The tiles are lovely with their unique Moroccan patterns and styles. The best thing about it is that you can’t easily find their designs from other stores.

Although there are a lot of tiles to choose from, we particularly loved the “Random Moroccan White Raindrop Tile.” This tile comes in different vibrant colors, and it looks even better when you mix and match the colors.

It brings out a new character, and the patterns blend well regardless of where you want to put them. You can put them in the kitchen walls, or living room walls, or even your bedroom. It’s so versatile, and that’s why it became our ultimate pick.

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